The Act

16 mars 2012

[LOGO: The Act – a lawllaby]


juridical lyricisms II

Ida Börjel, poetry
Simeon Atasanov
, design & development
Søren Husted Nielsen
, design & development
Kristian Carlsson
, proofreading
Rafael Pettersson
, acting

buzzwords:     ACTA     The Eliza effect     Human rights

CSS     Immanuel Wallerstein    Cory Doctorow

David Lynch     jQuery      Gertrude Stein     SOPA

La Société du spectacle     The Six faces of Piracy

The Five Eyes     counterfeit      X-C-V     The Vulnerable

The Miracle machine     Duels at Dawn     Integrity Online

The Father     PIPA     Capitalist realism     Echelon

javascript     filibustering    The ©icon  The End
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